It started with what should have been a very, very simple process of applying for one card and getting said card, but when is anything that simple in the Isle of Man?

A large majority of credit card providers in the UK won’t accept Manx residents regardless of how little tax we pay and more importantly, how much we earn. Having been knocked back on my first application for Experian score reasons, I wondered if someone had stolen my identity (or worse) as my earnings and history were surely good enough for a poxy Visa card with less than £1200 limit on it?

Alas I did a lot of searching, reading and swearing trying to delve through the Ts & Cs to work out whether credit card companies accepted Manx residents. I’ve tainted my credit score with failed applications which are rejected for no other reason that we aren’t mainlanders.

Thankfully I’ve scribbled it all down and decided to turn that into this site!